From dealing with outside vendors to network inventory, we do it all! Somerset acts like your in-house IT team, managing systems, upgrades, procedures and even policies. Our experience means that we can fully manage your IT needs, even those you haven't thought of.


Vendor and Resource Management:

  • Let us deal with your IT vendors. From hardware to software versions, we’ll keep all of your inventory organized and in one-place. You get portal access to all of your assets, and our technicians can provide assistance without having to bother you.

  • We will gladly advise you on purchases, acquisitions and new projects. Our years of expertise in small business IT guarantees you’ll make the right choice.

Business Continuity Services

Need a business continuity plan? Somerset will help you improve your organization’s resilience in the face of unexpected disasters. We cover all aspects of the plan, from data restoration to email continuity. Trust our complete disaster recovery solutions to protect the integrity and availability of your critical systems and data and ensure that you minimize…

Backup support for on-site staff

Have on site IT staff? Sometimes you’ll need an additional hand when things change or staff aren’t available. We are available for:

Phone Management

In addition to providing inventory management for your computers and networks, Somerset can work with your existing phone vendor to troubleshoot connection and service issues, dropped connections and call quality issues. We can assist users with VOIP and analog phone hardware, conference phones and systems.

On-Site Support Contracts

On-site support contracts are great for businesses that need on-site visits frequently or at scheduled intervals. Our flat monthly rates are also a great way to reign in IT spending. We offer several different plans to fit your needs and budget, ranging from only a few hours a month to full-time on-site consultants.   Clients…