Looking to move to the Cloud? We can help!

Somerset's Cloud Hosting Services transform the way your business operates by providing fast, secure, compliant access to your IT infrastructure from anywhere. All of your data is accessible to you from any PC, Mac, or mobile device, online or offline, via a secure connection. Cloud hosting and hosted desktops improve how your business operates, all while removing the unneeded technological complexities.

Cloud Services are IT services that are delivered to your organization through the internet. Cloud services can replace traditional servers and IT services that your organization uses for its daily business processes. They are more flexible and affordable that traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures.

With more than 15 years of experience supporting organizations like yours, Somerset understands how critical IT is to your business. We also know how costly IT hardware and services can be. That’s why we have invested in developing Cloud Services which are affordable, reliable and scale to your needs.


Cloud support + training

Already have your assets on the cloud? We provide cloud asset support for all of your cloud-based services Using our cloud console, we can provide insight into all of your cloud assets from one centralized console We provide support from all manner of cloud deployments, from individual server applications to e-commerce sites. Our cloud audits…

Hosted Cloud / hybrid email solutions

Our hosted cloud solutions provide reliability, scalability and performance at a very attractive price point Only have a few assets you want on the cloud? No problem! We can design a hybrid solution that will only put what you want on the cloud. Maximize reliability and high availability through data centers across the globe Minimize…

Data center and private cloud hosting

We partner with leading data center providers to host your data in safe, secure facilities. Our hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both worlds: the resiliency and security of the cloud with the speed and efficiency of your local network. Need security? Our PCI and HIPAA compliant solutions give you the peace of…